Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 56-Relationship Evangelism

During wrestling practice today, a wrestler approached me and apologized for his behavior the last few weeks. I didn't think anything of it and explained to him that I never take offense because it comes with the job. He then stood next to me for a few more minutes and said, "I have something else you might care to know. I got saved last night!"

Me: Really? That's great. How did it happen?
Wrestler: I grew up Christian but I have been doing my own thing for a long time. I just got sick of it last night and went over to someone's house and they prayed with me.
Me: How do you know that you're saved?
Wrestler: I don't know. I just won't do the stuff that I used to do.

As I reflect on this encounter, I am so grateful that he knew that I was a Christian and was willing to share with me the decision that he has made. I also am thankful that someone else was willing to sow into his life, and then the Lord allowed me to move him one step closer. When we ended our conversation, this wrestler knew that he was saved and what he was saved from. Also, he mentioned that he had many questions and was hoping that I would provide answers as he begins his walk with the Lord. My comment: Dude, it's what I live for!

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