Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 58-Go Get a Beer!

On day 58, I found myself staying in a hotel with multiple events and a lot of partying. The constant smell of cigarette smoke reminded me of Europe. Although second hand smoke is very harmful, smokers make a great fishing hole. (Quick tip: always see how much cigarette is left to determine how much time you may have to share, and remember, they will start smoking faster when you bring up heaven and hell). I arrived back to my hotel late one night and noticed three men out for a smoke/vodka break. I greeted them with a few tracts in hand.

Me: Gentlemen, did you get one of these? It's a gospel tract. Do any of you have a Christian background?
Smokers: Yes.
Me: Do you believe in a heaven and a hell?
Smokers: (All with smiles) You know, that is a very good question. Thank you for your time. Go inside and get a beer.
I can take a hint. This is code for get lost, you're killing my buzz.
Me: Read that tract when you get a chance. Have a good night.

Why bother people that are completely content with their cigarette and drink? Well, the love of Christ compels me.

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