Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 59-Sharing with Fear

Witnessing to people at sporting events can be difficult, especially if the game is in progress. I am beginning to learn that in every sporting event there is a time-out, halftime, or short break. On day 59, I found myself rooting for the same team as the young couple sitting next to me. During the game we made comments back in forth, so when there was a break I shifted from the natural to the spiritual.

Me: Where are you guys from?
Couple: Ardmore.
Me: Do you have a church in Ardmore?
Couple: Yes. We go to...
Me: Do they have gospel tracts at your church like these (handing them a million dollar bill)?
Couple: No (laughing).

At this point I watched the young lady read the tract. I was careful not to interrupt as she read. Once she had finished reading, she placed the tract in her purse.

Me: What did you think? Is that the gospel as you know it?
Girl: Yes.

This is how I share the gospel with someone sitting next to me and will probably be next to me for several minutes. I let the tract talk. This way they take it out on the tract instead of me if they are offended. :)

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