Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 61- The Drug Dealer

Chance is a former student of mine who used to come to class under the influence of ecstasy and marijuana regularly. He was known around school as the resident drug dealer. Several months ago I found out that he had dropped out of school, so when I recognized him in the parking lot today he was free game (since he is no longer a student, I can witness to him). Chance acted surprised as I informed him that I was well aware of his lifestyle. He insisted that he had changed by commenting, "Man, I have been clean for at least two months." Later he indicated that according to probation requirements he is to be drug tested weekly. He also told me that he has been attending church. After I had shared the gospel with him I could see sincerity in his eyes. He acknowledged remorse for his sins and a desire to change. When he mentioned once again that he was attending church I commented, "Chance, if my objective was to get you into church, I would have told you where I go. The bottom line is you need a heart change. Going to church is helpful, but its not what saves you. Think about your sins until it breaks your heart. Then turn to Jesus." Chance's homework assignment is to read Psalm 51 and make it his prayer.

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