Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 62-The Rastafarian

Our sink is clogged up, so today I went to Lowe's. As I stood in the plumbing aisle, I noticed the resident expert making his way toward me. His name is Jay and he has dreadlocks.

Me: Hi. Cool hair.
Jay: Thank you. Do you need help?
Me: No, thank you. You know, most people with hair like that have some pretty interesting spiritual beliefs. Do you have a Christian background?
Jay: I have some interesting beliefs, but I pretty much just believe in the teachings of the Bible.
Me: Are you a Rastafarian?
Jay: Yes.
Me: Are you the real deal or do you just listen to Bob Marley?
Jay: The real deal.
Me: So do you believe that guy in Africa is actually divine? (At the time I could not remember where or who, but I do remember that they believe the founder of Rastafarianism was divine.)
Jay: I suppose...I guess.
Me: How do Rastafarian's get to heaven.
Jay: By doing good. Doing the right thing. *works based answers*

After I had witnessed to Jay. Jay soon realized that he was not nearly as good as he needed to be to meet God's standard. Jay was not pleased to hear this.

Jay: (Turning pale and looking uncomfortable) Gee, man. Thanks. Thanks for making me feel like trash.
Me: Jay, you don't understand. I'm telling you this because I care about you and I don't want you to go to hell. If you are depending on your own goodness, you will be in big trouble. I didn't say anything on my own opinion. I told you what the Bible says and it's the truth. Note: If you can's show them tears, let people hear them in your voice.
Jay: I understand. It's cool (Starting to get his color back).

Another customer then approached and Jay had to go. I found him a few aisles down as I was leaving and left him with a tract. We ended on good terms.

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