Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 64- Apartment Complex

It was a beautiful day today, so on my way home I predicted many people would be out and about. This was not the case. Just before I pulled into my neighborhood, I decided to stop by an apartment complex and knock on a few doors. Unfortunately, I did not have any Bibles with me and my pack of tracts were in my jacket at home. I found two tracts in my glove box and an apartment with the screen door open. Raymond came to the door with a cigarette and a smile. He attends Victory Christian Center occasionally on Sundays. I very quickly shared the gospel as I could tell he was not interested. How did I explain myself as I approached his door? Good afternoon, sir. It is such a nice day today, so I thought I would get out and pass out a few tracts. Here is one for you. Do you have a church background?

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