Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 65- Evangelistic Jewelry

Dana and I were at Barnes and Noble purchasing a book for one of our children's birthday. Here is the conversation that we had with our clerk as we were checking out:
Clerk: (To Dana) I like your cross ring.
Dana: Oh! You do?
Me: Are you a Bible thumper?
Clerk: I am (with a smile).
Me: Have you ever seen one of these (handing her a gospel tract)?
Clerk: I haven't. That is really neat.
Me: I will give you two if you hand it to one of your coworkers.
Clerk: I will.
Me: What church do you go to?
Clerk: I don't have one right now. My parents recently divorced so I am kind of in limbo.
Me: Are you looking for a conservative church or something more contemporary?
Clerk: A little of both.

I told her about Tulsa Bible Church and where to find it. She did not indicate if she would show up, but when we left I replied, "See you Sunday!"

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