Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 68- A Dose of My Own Medicine

While at a drive thru window today, I handed a lady a tract. I then informed her that it was a gospel tract and asked if she had a church background. This lady was cheerful and outgoing which was the exact opposite of me tonight. I picked up a cold over the weekend and honestly did not feel like sharing. I think you might enjoy what happened:

Me: What is the name of the church that you attend?
Cindy: Church on the Move.
Me: I know where that is. What is you favorite thing about Church on the Move?
Cindy: Why all of the questions? What about you? Where do YOU go to church?
Me: Tulsa Bible Church.
Cindy: Are you the pastor or something?
Me: No.
Cindy: What is your favorite thing about Tulsa Bible Church?
Me: Wow! I suddenly am not that comfortable. It feels a little different when the tide has turned. Ummm. My favorite thing about Tulsa Bible Church is that is stands on the authority of Scripture. I also like the people. Now what about you?
Cindy: I started going to Church on the Move for my children.
Me: How do you feel about your eternal destination?
Cindy: I'm going to Heaven and it has nothing to do with my works. I am saved by what Jesus did on the cross. I have friends that think because they do good things or go to church that they are saved, but that's not true. You have to trust in Him.
Me: That is what I was hoping to hear.
Cindy: I know.

Cindy took control of the conversation which doesn't happen very often. I'm glad that she did. It allowed me to get a dose of my own medicine.

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