Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 69- Me and My Sister

It was my daughter's birthday today so my mom treated the family to a hockey game. My sister and I were talking about witnessing and how she hasn't shared in a long time. I then asked her if she would like to go with me while I do some witnessing at the end of the period. She was eager to tag along so I wanted to make sure that I stopped someone who would actually listen. As we made our way up the stairs (we had good seats), I noticed that behind me were two teenage girls following close behind. In my years of witnessing, I can almost always guarantee that high school girls will stop and listen when you are with another female. I waited until the girls came up the stairs and I greeted them with two gospel tracts. Both of them attend a Christian high school and were very excited to let us know.

Me: Girls, I have a knife in my back and I have one minute to live. What must I do to get to heaven?
Girls: Ask Jesus into your heart.
Me: Jesus, come into my heart. Am I now going to get to heaven?
Girls: Yes.

People that are active in the church will often tell me to ask Jesus into my heart, I normally will quiz them on what that means. However, for the sake of time, I decided to walk them through the ten commandments. Afterward, I informed them that asking Jesus into your heart can be quite vague. I told them that I walked them through the law to make sure that they understood the gospel. Amber, my sister, later walked around on her own and passed out a few tracts. She is as bold as a lion!!

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