Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 70- Mercy Man

Today I am having car trouble. I spent most of my evening working on the car. It was dark before I realized that I had not had the opportunity to share, and since I had not spent that much time with the kids, it would have been irresponsible to leave and go witnessing. Desperate to find someone while the kids were getting their pajamas on, I suddenly remembered a number that I had heard on the radio that reaches out to those that are lost.

Man: Salvation line.
Me: Hi, I was wondering what you tell people if they want to go to heaven?
Man: Well, first you have to believe in such a place as heaven. If you believe in such a place then you must believe that someone inhabits this place. If there is an inhabitor.....

At this point, I run to get a pencil and paper. I began to get confused by a lot of his terms and analogies.

Man: Sir, what do y'ou know about God?
Me: This is where I presented the gospel. In the beginning of my gospel presentation, I mentioned judgement and me not meeting God's standard. I guess this is the reason for his next statement.
Man: That's somewhat biblical, but I'm more of a mercy man.
Me: If I had less then one minute to live, how would you tell me to get to heaven?
Man: I guess it depends on if you believe in morality or immortality. Do you have a testament in your heart?

I'm not sure what a testament in my heart means, but I'm still thankful for this guy. In the background I could hear musical instruments and people talking. I'm almost positive that this guy keeps his phone on him at all times of the day to answer people's questions and to share with the lost, which is a lot more than what I do. His gospel was a tad confusing and at times my mind began to wander, but I'm sure that I will see the mercy man again one day in heaven.

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