Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 76- Three Kids and an Outlet Mall

My kids know that their dad is a crazy evangelist. They have seen me witness to people on multiple occasions. After I share with someone, Caden always asks, "How did you know that they were not a Christian?" Rarely will I bring all three on a witnessing trip, but this week I want to get better at multi-tasking. At an outlet mall today, I carried Alyssa on my shoulders, Caden on one of my legs, and Mia by my side. Together we made our way to each of the benches placed outside of every other store. To an evangelist, this is called "fruit on the ground." Almost every bench had a bored older man sitting and waiting on their better half. Within just a few minutes I realized that these would not be normal encounters. After initiating a conversation, Alyssa would hide her face inside my shirt, Caden began pinching my legs (he does this when he is nervous), and Mia would climb on my back. Many of the conversations that I had today were not theologically rich nor did I pry too much into their personal spiritual beliefs. I was well aware that my kids would not allow me more then ten seconds of sanity. I did have the opportunity to hand out several tracts, meet some nice people, and to show my kids that their dad's faith is real and that he desires to obey the God he loves.

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