Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 77- Three Kids and One Gospel Tract

As I continue to try to witness with three kids, I am bombarded with so much of the unexpected. It is like learning to witness all over again. Today I wanted to incorporate the kids in to the encounter so I gave Alyssa, my three year old, a gospel tract. I asked her to hand it to an older couple walking toward us. The gentling strolling couple never looked her way, so I had to get their attention.

Me: Pardon me, sir. This little girl has something she would like to give you.

Couple: Oh! Thank you. What is your name?

Alyssa: Alyssa. I'm three years old.

Couple: How precious.

Me: That is a gospel tract and this is my evangelist in training. Do you have a church background?

Couple: Yes. We are Catholic.

My heart began to race. In my years of witnessing I have learned that older couples are the least likely to entertain a spiritual conversation, and older Catholics can lose their temper quickly. I had no time to stress over what I would say next, Caden suddenly placed me in a headlock that cut off essential oxygen to my brain. As I pulled him off of me, he then began to bite off my ear. Dana generously picked up with the conversation while Caden and I battled. I'm not discouraged by this encounter because I know that the gospel had been shared. Although it did not come from me verbally, the gospel tract contained everything they needed to know. Witnessing with kids may not produce a thorough gospel presentation but it will reach the mission field that I am most concerned with, my home. After the encounter had ended, I had an excellent conversation with all three of my children. We talked about Catholicism, and later that night, Caden and I prayed for the couple.

On a funny note, after Alyssa handed the couple a gospel tract, the man reached in to his wallet and gave her a dollar. I hope she doesn't expect that every time. She might get discouraged.

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