Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 78- Taking Time to Make Time

When it comes to busyness, everyone has a story. Just like raking the leaves or doing the dishes, it is important to set aside a time for a deliberate witness. So far, most of my encounters have been everyday life activities. Today while the kids were napping, I allotted a few hours of my day to witness at a local hospital. I met Harold who is battling his second bout with cancer, Claude who is a retired pastor, and Mike who has not been to church in several years.
Harold was a tad stubborn. he grew up Lutheran. his grandparents were Lutheran, his mom was Lutheran, and at the age of 74, Lutheran is how he will die. Because it was obvious that Harold would not entertain a direct encounter from some young buck, I gave him the third person gospel. This is when I share the gospel but I do not direct it towards him. I replace "you" with "some people." For example, "Some people think that they can earn a place in heaven."
Claude knew the gospel and it was a good opportunity to fellowship with an Assembly of God pastor, although he stressed that there will be no denomination in heaven.
Michael just had a baby. his eyes lit up when he saw that I was going to witness to him. He was eager to talk about the things of God. Michael had to go before I could assess who he was trusting in, but I invited him to church and left him with a tract.
Taking time to make time is a perfect opportunity to prepare, pray, and praise god that we live in a country where we can share our faith openly and without the fear of persecution.

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