Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 87- Keeping it Simple

Witnessing with a large group of friends is very difficult. Almost as difficult as witnessing with three kids. It doesn't seem fair to me to attempt a gospel presentation while several believers circle near like great whites. At a restaurant tonight, we had fellowship with a family from church. If you include my five, we totaled around ten Bible thumping believers who love sharing the gospel. Imagine being the hostess as ten holy rollers make their way to the exit, one of them has a gospel tract in hand. As I began to initiate a spiritual conversation, I suddenly decided to keep it simple. I asked her to read the tract when she had a chance. To me, this seemed appropriate at the time. As an alternative, I could have said, "Quick, take this. It is a gospel tract. Don't look now, but there are about 10 Christians watching you at this very moment. Each are very equipped to answer any objection that you might have, and desperately want to see you in heaven. Also, don't try to share with me some weird belief, I have personally witnessed to a witch, convicted felon, and a Buddhist this week so I'm not in the mood. I suggest you surrender now. Repent and trust in Jesus. Do it quickly before they react. We have you surrounded."

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