Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 88- Church Talk

After dinner, Dana and I decided to strap the kids in and go for an evening drive. A few minutes into our drive, we saw a convenience store with three tattooed characters on a smoke break. The gas gage seemed low enough where I figured I could purchase a few dollars of gas and maybe witness to the three hanging out. When I pulled into the parking lot, one of the ladies with the group hurried inside behind the register. The man veered off towards a car. Suddenly, the three that looked so content before I arrived looked very busy. I chose to share with the lady behind the register.

Clerk: Hello.
Me: Hi, how are you?
Clerk: Just fine.
Me: Did you make it to church this morning?
Clerk: No, I had to work late.
Me: Do you have a church?
Clerk: No.
Me: Well take this tract. It has a message that you would hopefully hear every Sunday if you attended.
Clerk: Okay, thanks.

When talking with other Christians, many will tell me that starting a spiritual conversation is very difficult. Try this next Sunday. You will soon find yourself knee deep in to the things of God. By the way, this question is easily adaptable throughout the week.

Monday- Did you go to church yesterday?
Tuesday- Did you make it to church last week?
Wednesday- Where are you going to church this weekend?
Thursday- Sunday is getting closer, do you go to church?
Friday- Are you going to church this weekend?
Saturday- Church is tomorrow! Are you going?

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