Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 89- Loving Your Neighbor

When I think about witnessing to my neighbors, suddenly the always smiling and polite lady next door turns into a seven foot meat eater with an ax. However, over time, I have found ways to reach my entire neighborhood without the fear of waking up to an ax murderer. Today my family and I went on a walk. While we walked, we handed out gospel tracts to neighbors that were enjoying the day. Based on our walks from the past, I have noticed that some will return your smile and keep moving. Others will engage in conversation allowing my children to hear the gospel for the trillionth time. No one wanted to engage in a conversation today, but we handed out several tracts. For fun, I placed a few gospel tracts under the wipers of cars parked in the street. Handing out tracts while you walk is just another way to love your neighbor.

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