Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 103- Elder Campbell

Elder Campbell is a Mormon. I called him up after I got home from work. To find him, I simply opened up the phone book and looked for a Latter-day Saint ward. I informed Elder Campbell that I was an evangelical Christian and I was hoping he could tell me how a latter-day saint can get to heaven. He then allowed me to do exactly what I had hoped to do by asking, "First, will you tell me what you believe?" After sharing the gospel, Elder Campbell explained to me that many churches today are leaving out what really happens when someone dies. For example, he told me that everyone who dies goes to paradise (like the thief on the cross). After a period of time, we will then be resurrected to judgement. Some will go to the lake of fire and others will go to one of the three kingdoms. He did not provide verses to support his theology. He did tell me that in order to get to one of the three kingdoms, one must:

  1. Have faith in Jesus
  2. Repent
  3. Be baptized
  4. Receive the Holy Ghost
  5. Endure to the end

Sounds fairly orthodox, if you didn't know that Jesus is actually the spirit brother of Lucifer, God the father is an exalted man, and that grace is what is left only after you have done all that you can do. I was very respectful to Elder Campbell and I did not call to throw a bunch of truth grenades. I listened and shared with him the true gospel. I find that the more contact I have with false religions, the better equipped I am to sympathize with their sincere but wrong beliefs.

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