Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 102- Gospel Prayer

Witnessing to family members can be very frightening yet very rewarding. I have had the opportunity to share with most of my family and only a few have responded to His call. What a joy it is to watch individuals who mean very much to me grow in holiness. At the same time, it can be quite painful when one takes offense. My love for them is often interpreted as intolerant or judgmental. At a family gathering today, I found myself surrounded by people who have heard the gospel. What do I do once they have heard? I live out the Christian life before them and take advantage of every opportunity to share again. The second or third time may not be as confrontational, but there are other subtle ways to proclaim the truth. Just like every gathering, I was called upon to pray. Before hardened and impenitent hearts, I was given the opportunity to publically proclaim that He has risen indeed, that He is interceding for those who are trusting in Him for eternal life, and without Him there is no hope. Because there is no hope without Christ, I will continue to share with those I love, even to the point of offense. Why? I want to see them in heaven.

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