Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 112- Birthday Party

Today is Caden's birthday. We celebrated by going to a pizza place that has a game room and go-carts. Dana and Caden decided to ride the go-carts and I decided to witness to two young boys sitting nearby. I handed both of them a tract and asked if they went to church. They both attend a church in a small town. I asked them how to get to heaven and one of the boys replied, "You have to praise him." The boy who answered was very articulate and honest with my questions. He reads his Bible and knew a few verses, but I couldn't get past his answer to heaven. I shared with the gospel with both of them as they appeared to be hanging on every word out of my mouth. Once I had finished sharing, I then turned to the well-versed boy and said, "Now you know why we should praise Him." He looked at me with a smile while he gently nodded his head. He appeared to be very happy with what he just heard. I really enjoy these types of encounters. Young people are much more open and can be extremely transparent about what they are thinking. I don't know when it happens, maybe high school, but over time the heart seems to become much more hardened to the truth. No hardened hearts tonight. The Lord knew exactly what we both needed.

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