Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 119- Peer Pressure

I spoke with a lady not too long ago who complained about the number of tracts she has to throw away at work. She is an employee of Barnes and Noble. She mentioned to me that tracts are found inside books, on the ground, or scattered in between CD's. What I found funny was that most of the tracts contained the address of my home church. Mormons came in second place. Today, I approached a man walking in my neighborhood. I asked him if he knew of any good churches in the area. This is a good question that can determine how open they are to talk about spiritual things. He indicated that he was not from the area, but he attends a church in another town. When I handed him a tract, he stated that he already had a million dollar bill tract. I asked him where he received that tract and he informed me that he got it while he was at the downtown court house. Do you know why I find that funny? I have a friend who hands out million dollar bill tracts every Monday morning outside of the courthouse. Being bombarded by gospel tracts is a good problem to have. To a Christian, it should remind us that there are others who are obeying the great commission. To the nonbeliever, they are once again reminded to turn to Christ.

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