Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 120- Family Trip to the Neighbors

Last year, there were at least three houses up for sale on the street where we live. The realtor signs are now gone with three new neighbors enjoying their homes. I'm not sure what the rules are for greeting new neighbors, but if I remember correctly, the individuals living directly next to us did make us brownies and introduced themselves. Those neighbors moved several years ago, so I didn't feel like I was competing against brownies as I had the children put on their shoes to meet one of our new neighbors. I simply grabbed a couple of tootsie roll pops and a gospel tract. My two oldest children held the suckers while the youngest carried the tract. I had rehearsed what I would say and prayed that the kids would have another opportunity to hear the gospel. Unfortunately, our neighbor was not home. I laid the gospel tract next to her front door with the two suckers on top to prevent the tract from blowing away. This trip reminded me of the time I encouraged Dana to witness to our neighbors across the street. She was petrified. I watched inside the house as Dana appeared to be small talking them to death. When I finally joined them, they were all talking about gardening or something far away from the gospel. Dana watched me reach for a tract and quickly stated, "Ryan, I shared. They are Christians." My neighbors looked at me with a smile realizing that they just moved next to some religious fanatics.

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