Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 91- Clean for Two Weeks

If there was anyone whom I expected to give me a hard time, it would have been the two guys I ran into today. I noticed them walking along the street while I was stopped at a light. One was wearing all black, while the other was covered in tattoos.I pulled into a nearby convenience store and waited until we crossed paths. They looked like they were in a hurry, so I wanted to say something that would hook them into a conversation. Asking someone for their opinion almost always works. I had a handful of gospel tracts in my hand when I asked, "Pardon me guys, I am wanting to get to heaven. Do you think heaven exists?" I then waited to be pummeled with philosophies and personal opinions that would make me gag. Instead, I heard, "I do. Definitely. I have been clean for the last two weeks and have been going to church. I believe in God and I would say that heaven does exist." Surprised by his answer, and entranced by the diamond tattoo just over his adam's apple, I asked him if he knew the gospel. He told me that he is still learning, but prays often. Of course, I then shared with them both the good news of the gospel. After I had shared, the one dressed in black commented, "I believe that God spared my mom when she had cancer. She was spared by His power alone. That is why I wear this cross."
We stood at the side of this busy street, cars rushing by, sharing intimate knowledge about our lives. Isn't that amazing?! Who greets people by rushing out of their car and running to them asking about heaven? That is not natural! Are you waiting for the time to be right with that someone you care about? Stop waiting and tell them now, before it's too late.

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