Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 94- Works in Progress

When you think about sharing your faith, do you have a realistic idea what will happen? Do you picture fire-breathing dragons or dead men walking? Are you afraid that you will forget what to say, or maybe not have an answer to a question? This is perfectly natural. Fear strikes me more often when I train other people. I once trained a man who was full of fear. I was hoping that it would be a gentle night, but the Lord had other plans. Every person that we encountered either cussed us out,got in our faces, or walked away. This man went home and did not sleep the entire night. I never thought that I would see him again, but that was three years ago and he is still going strong. Tonight, I was training a young lady who was a little nervous. I wondered what the Lord had in store, and it was just what she needed. We shared with a man who didn't want to hear, but he was polite. We then shared with three high school basketball players who hung on every word I said. Later, I shared with a man who was battling between Native American spirituality and Christianity. By getting out of her comfort zone, this young lady learned that people are generally receptive and are willing to converse about spirtual issues. For me, I was reminded that the Lord is working on each and every one of us. We step out in obedience, and he will give us exactly what we need to draw us even closer to Him.

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