Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 93- Catch That Bus!!

Traveling with a friend, I noticed a man waiting near the side of the road. It did not look like a bus stop, but as I engaged him in conversation he indicated that he was waiting on the city bus. When I handed him a million dollar bill gospel tract, a lady nearby took interest and made her way towards my car. For a moment, I had their undivided attention. That is until the speeding bus zipped by the stop without a break light in sight. Both the man and the woman begin to chase after the bus, but it was long gone. I offered them a ride to the next stop and they did not hesitate to hop in the back seat of my car. So picture if you would a young Hispanic man probably in his early forties and an African American female possibly in her mid-fifties in the back seat of my car. In the passenger seat was my Caucasian friend from church. Those in the back of the car were desperate to catch the bus, in the front were two individuals attempting to share the gospel. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: I'm telling you this because it is a matter of life in death. God is just and He will by no means clear the guilty.
Man: Turn right here.
Me: If God allowed sin into heaven, He would be corrupt.
Women: I don't see it. Where did it go?
Me: But He is not corrupt, He is a gracious God who sent His one and only Son.
Women: There it is! Keep going straight.

We finally caught up with the bus after a few minutes. My favorite line of the whole trip came from my buddy in the passenger seat,"You know, Jesus will return one day very soon. If you're not ready, you will miss the bus." That is so true.

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