Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 97- Have You Heard?

It was getting late when I remembered that I had not shared with anyone. I was in a church parking lot watching the kids ride their bikes, and kicking a soccer ball with Dana. I was very eager to witness to someone. If I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, I would quickly grab a tract out of my pocket. Every leaf picked up by the wind ended up being a false alarm. Just before we made our way home, I saw a young man walking about fifty yards away. I couldn't see him very well, but I began waving my arms to get his attention. If you were driving by you would have thought that someone needed an ambulance. Still waving, I began a light jog towards him. Almost out of breath I mustered, "Hey! I've been waiting for you. I have a message that you need to hear." The confused look on his face suddenly turned to a smile when we both realized that he was one of my old students. He had dropped out earlier in the year, and was working on getting his GED. What was the message he needed to hear? Friend, you have fallen short of God's standard. You will be judged when you die, and sin will not go unpunished. Trust in Jesus. You have no promise of tomorrow. You need Him. Turn from your wicked ways, and place your trust in God in the flesh. He lived the perfect life that you cannot live, and he took your place on the cross. Trust in Him.
We ended in a handshake as a car approached filled with his friends. I don't know if I will see him again, but he heard the message that everyone needs to hear.

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