Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 98- Two Young Salesmen

Imagine yourself at home, relaxing on the couch, when someone begins knocking on your door. You look out the window and notice two complete strangers. When this happened to me today, my heart began racing. I mumbled a quick prayer, grabbed a few gospel tracts, and opened the door. I never really want to witness on my doorstep, but if someone is knocking on your door, that is a divine appointment. The two strangers were college bound teens trying to sell magazines. They were fast talking, well rehearsed, and eager to make a sale. Today they met their match. I told them that I would listen to what they had to say, but the catch was they then had to listen to me. After they agreed they replied, "You first." I shared with them the gospel and their faces became quite sober. It was clear that they had a lot on their mind as they attempted to then make a sale. I have witnessed to countless salesmen at my front door where I no longer feel bad about declining to make a purchase. In the past, I often felt like I should buy what they are selling because of what I just put them through. That is why I receive at least three newspapers every morning and I now own six vacuum cleaners.

It would have been so easy to crack the door and let them know that I was not interested, but I know that when I am weak He is strong. The less of me means the more of Him. Next time someone knocks on your door and you don't think you are ready to share, that's good news. You are now completely dependent on the Holy Spirit.

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