Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 122- CEM?

I parked at a convenience store today and made my way towards a man getting gas. I greeted him with a smile and asked if he would be attending church tomorrow. He gazed up at the sky as if he was in deep thought and replied, "No, I am a CEM." He noticed my confused look and replied, "I only go to church on Christmas, Easter, and Mothers Day. My mom goes to church which is where I go on these holidays. Where do you go to church?" I then told him where I attended and informed him that he now has an invitation to attend. He nodded as if he was seriously considering but indicated that he would not be able to attend tomorrow. I was reading a statistic that close to 67% of the population will attend church when invited by a family member. I am not related to this man, but an invitation is an effective way to reach out to others who have little to no church background. It is also a tremendous springboard to the gospel.

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