Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 123- Masonry

This weekend, Freemasons staked out many of the corners around town. They were selling onions for charity. Approaching one of these corners today, one of the Masons gave me a wave as I drove by with the kids. I interpreted his wave as an invitation for me to pull over and witness to him, so I did. I told him that I wasn't interested in purchasing any onions, but I did want to know more about his organization. His name was Ed. He proceeded to tell me about the wonderful things that Masons do, such as create hospitals that provide free medical care. I asked him if the Masons have any spiritual beliefs and he informed me that the capital G on the Masons symbol stands for God. The square and compass stands for the standards that a Mason must stay within, and the name stands for those that built King Solomon's temple. Ed was quick to point out that Masons do not endorse a religion, which was confusing after everything that he had just told me. When I asked him how a Mason gets to heaven he replied, "We encourage all Masons to go to church." He did not say anything about Jesus until I walked him through the Ten Commandments. I have read about the Masons in the past, but I need to refresh my memory. It has been my understanding that their beliefs are contrary to Scripture. I did gather that he prides himself in his works for mankind, but after our talk he knows that his good deeds will not save him.

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