Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 128- Mass Proclamation

There are two types of evangelists. One will see a crowd and ask, "Lord, which person did you send me here to share with?" This is obviously biblical and completely appropriate. The other type of evangelist is like myself. I will see a crowd and think, "Lord, some of these people do not know you and I know they need to hear. Please give me boldness to proclaim you before everyone." I did that tonight as I attended an annual festival. People were everywhere. I took a step stool with me and set up next to a high traffic area. I stood on the stool and shared Christ to everyone who was within the scope of my voice. I first began open-air preaching about three years ago. I remember how gripping the fear was the moment I tried to open my mouth. Now when I preach, the fear is there but it does not control me. I have trusted in Christ way too long to be concerned about what man will do or think of me. Tonight, me and my fellow evangelist friends were fishers of men. We casted out our nets and the Lord provided plenty of people who were open to the good news.

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