Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 130- Praying a Prayer

Leaving a graduation party, I pulled up to a stop sign just as a teenager was approaching. Dana was in the passenger seat and she knew exactly what I was going to do. I was so proud of her. She didn't even sigh as I rolled down her window and began to share with Justin.

Me: Hey, man. Did you know today is Mother's Day.

Justin: I know. I got my Mom a gift earlier today.

Me: That's great! Do you go to church?

Justin: Not really, but I went to a church lock-in a few days ago. They told me all I had to do was say a prayer and I would go to heaven.

Me: Did you know that saying a prayer won't save you?

Justin: I know. I have to believe in God.

Me: Do you know why?

Justin: Not really.

Me: Have you ever lied?

Justin: Yes.

Me: The Bible says that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. It sounds extreme, but you have broken the laws of your creator. If you murdered a homeless man you could end up in jail, but if you murdered the President of the United States I could assure you that you would be in much deeper trouble. You have violated the laws of God and are completely worthy of eternity in hell.

Once Justin realized his status with God, then I shared with him about Jesus. He now understands his need for Jesus. Dana waited patiently and I'm sure will receive many rewards in heaven for putting up with me.

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