Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 137- Sleepy Sundays

When I first began attending church, I loved the brief minutes that were allocated for greeting. As a new believer, I didn't know many Christians and I looked at it as my chance to meet like-minded individuals. I quickly became discouraged when all I would get was a generic smile and a quick handshake. The greeting time then evolved to something that I despised. I could get sick to my stomach realizing that I was going to have to converse with a stranger. I soon got out of that mentality when I looked at the greeting time as a ministry. With those I know, it is an opportunity to catch up. With those whom I am aquainted with, I use it as an opportunity to see how they are doing in their Christian walk. I like to ask what they are reading in the Word, how often they pray, or perhaps if they have witnessed to anyone recently. Somtimes it will make them uncomfortable, but most of the time the conversation is pleasant and encouraging. I also use this time to look for those I do not know. I will start with a simple greeting and then I try to asses if they are a Christian. I think we would all be surprised by the amount of unsaved people we are sitting next to at church.

Today I met three church visitors. After a brief how are you and what brings you here, I asked one of them, "Are you a Christian?" He quickly responded yes, but then added that he is not perfect. He is a college student and mentioned some of the temptations that a student at a university deals with daily. I encouraged him to stay in the Word and to get plugged into a Bible believing church which he has begun to do. After church, I took my two girls on a walk around the neighborhood to pass out tracts. Alyssa handed a tract to a young family that I had shared with in the past. I asked the man if he went to church this morning and he replied that he did not. I looked at him with a smile and said, "Well at least you got some rest."

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