Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 144- Bible Thumping Biker

I felt at home today at my local gas station. I have witnessed to several people while getting gas and I think I have a grasp on how and when to share. I cruised by the pumps hoping to catch someone pulling in at the same time, but everyone appeared to be leaving. While getting gas, I began to pray for an opportunity. That is when I noticed a man admiring his motorcycle. He had long hair, few teeth, and was wearing an outfit made of black leather. I would describe him as someone who did not look approachable. It had been raining sporadically today so I used the rain as an opportunity for conversation.

Me: Did you bring a rain jacket?
John: No, not today.
Me: Do you drive in the rain or do you wait for it to stop?
John: I drive in the rain.
Me: Did you go to church this morning?
John: (His face quickly lit up) Yes! Every Sunday.

We spoke for awhile and then I gave him a few gospel tracts. I also encouraged him to share his faith. He loved the tracts. Maybe he will hand out a few! I will be praying that no one runs from him as he approaches.

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