Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 145- Rope, Rubber Band, or Parachute?

We celebrated my seven year old's birthday today by getting out of town and going out to eat. We spent all day at the lake and found one of the few restaurants in this small town. The place was packed and the wait was long. While waiting, I approached an older man with long gray hair and asked, "Sir, do you know of any good churches in the area?" He laughed and commented that two Jehovah Witnesses came to his door today. He said that they had a kingdom hall nearby and their general conferences will be soon. He then mentioned that there was a decent Methodist church nearby and a Baptist church that took him in recently when his power went out. I then asked if he attended any of these churches and he mentioned that he was Catholic.

Me: Why didn't you tell me about any nearby Catholic churches if you are Catholic?

Doug: I have been a member of the Catholic Church for 35 years, and they never told me I had to recruit.

Me: What is the difference between all of the churches that you have mentioned?"

Doug: Nothing really.

Me: If I was about to jump out of a plane and one man offers me a rubber band, another offers me a rope, and another a parachute which one should I choose?

Doug: The parachute (smiling).

Me: Which one of these churches would save me from death? A rubber band and a rope would not satisfy my true need.

Just then I hear a man yelling, "Doug, party of one." I quickly gave him a gospel tract and asked him to read it when he had a chance. He grabbed it and replied, "Thank you. I will read it." Several minutes later, I was eating my meal when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Doug returning the tract. He laid the tract on the table and looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Go to the Baptist church I told you about. I think you would like it."

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