Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 150- Neighborhood Garage Sale

Today, most of the houses on my block were participating in a neighborhood garage sale. Mia and I went searching for a deal while the younger two were napping. Yesterday Caden was generous enough to kick a loose tooth out of Mia's mouth, so Mia had a whole dollar to spend! The first house we visited appeared to be the easiest yet scariest opportunity of the day. We were the only ones shopping so we had our neighbor's undivided attention. However, the man fit the profile of a body builder with large tattoos and dreadlocks. He was friendly, but since I was planning on witnessing to him, his arms resembled shot guns. Mia found an item that she wanted to purchase but it was over a dollar. I told her that I was going to teach her how to haggle, and the man quickly replied that he is excellent at negotiating. I played off of his words and said, "You know what I'm good at? Handing out these (handing him a gospel tract)." He continued to be friendly as he read the tract. Mia eventually received the item for a dollar, and I actually got to walk away with my head still attached. It was a nice father/daughter adventure.

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