Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 151- Lunch After Church

My in-laws wanted to buy us lunch today so that we could eat at their house while they played with the grandkids. After church we found ourselves at a drive-thru window giving our order to a teenage girl. Once I had placed my order, I seized the opportunity.

Me: Do you have to work every Sunday?
Girl: Pretty much.
Me: Do you ever make it to church?
Girl: Yes, my church has a service on Saturday night.
Me: That's great! Do they believe in heaven and hell?
Girl: Yes.
Me: How does your church tell you how to get to heaven?
Girl: Basically, always do the right thing and obey God.
Me: What about those who have told lies and have stolen things?
Girl: He will forgive you.
Me: He will?
Girl: Well....I have to.....(she began to struggle for the right words, so I helped her out)
Me: You have to repent and trust in Jesus.
Girl: That's right!

All of this occurred in just a few minutes. Our food soon arrived and we were on our way to the grandparents. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, my three year old asked, "Dad, did you witness to her?" Leave it to a three year old to hold her dad accountable.

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