Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 157- She Loves Me!

While in line at the grocery store, I was preparing for my next witness encounter. It was almost my turn to check out so I made sure I had a gospel tract and a greeting that would lead into the gospel.

Clerk: Good morning! How are you?

Me: Saved by grace. How about you?

Clerk: I am as well (smiling)

Me: Really! Are you a Christian?

Clerk: I am. There is no other way to be.

Me: Do you tell that to Muslims?

Clerk: Well everyone has a choice, but we will all face the consequences of our decisions.

Me: What type of consequences will face a Muslim?

Clerk: Without Jesus, your sins will not be forgiven.

She continued to preach to me as she was scanning my items. This lady told the truth and it was pleasing to hear. Many Christians are reluctant to be as honest about the consequences of a life without Christ. Part of loving someone is telling them the truth. This lady loved me enough that she was willing to risk offense.

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