Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 159- Burned Out Evangelist

A man sat next to me today while I was waiting on Dana at the mall. His name was Greg. I struck up a conversation and within minutes Greg and I were in a spiritual conversation. He is a Christian. Since he was a believer, I asked him if he shared his faith. He told me that he does but he shares with his life not with his mouth. I then asked, "Is that what the apostles did?" He smiled and responded, "No, but they were called for a purpose." I replied, "Are we called to go and make disciples?" He agreed and proceeded with another excuse. After awhile, Greg began to reminisce about when he was younger. He talked about how he used to share his faith all of the time. I have met a lot of people who used to share when they were younger. Most will tell me that life has gotten to be much more complicated having a family. When I encounter these types of people, my objective is to encourage and equip. I encouraged Greg to verbally share his faith and spent several minutes explaining to him how to share the good news. I have a family and my kids are very young. I sometimes wonder if I will be a statistic as well. I do know this, if I am witnessing on my own strength the end is near. Without His Spirit, I am nothing.

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