Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 166- Thirty Seconds to Live

Dana and the girls were doing laundry when Caden and I decided to do some witnessing. We prayed and then quickly ran into two ladies on their way to a train station. Both of the ladies attend a church in the Chicago area.

Me: Ladies, what if I had thirty seconds to live and I wanted to go to heaven. What must I do to get to there?

Lady #1: You gotta pray.

Lady #2: Be true to yourself.

Me: What should I pray?

Lady #1: Pray to God. Get right.

Lady #2: Ask for forgiveness.

Lady #1: Repent.

Lady #2: Confess your sins.

Me: That's a lot to do in just thirty seconds.

Lady #1: Bow to Jesus.

Me: Would you two consider yourselves to be good people?

Lady #1: Yes. I am a great person. We gotta go so we don't miss the train.

Caden and I prayed for the two ladies before he went to bed. We gave them both tracts before they got away.

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