Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 165- A New Fishing Hole

A good fisherman always knows where to find fish. When traveling, I will often look for heavily populated areas where witnessing encounters are in abundance. I am currently in Chicago, IL. I have been to Chicago before, but this is the first time that I will be here for a significant amount of days. When I arrived, I quickly grabbed a bite to eat before returning to my hotel. Outside of the restaurant was an older lady smoking a cigarette. It was an amusing encounter. When I handed her an Obama million dollar bill, she began laughing. I told her that it was a gospel tract and to read the back when she had time. I also noticed that she was wearing a cross. "I see your cross. Do you have a church background?" She replied that she was Catholic. With a smile on my face I asked how a Catholic gets to heaven. She said, "I don't know, how?" I told her that she must repent and trust in Jesus. Her laughter quickly ceased as she commented, "Oh! You're serious. I thought you were leading into a joke." I've never had someone think that I was joking. Perhaps it was the cartoon image of President Obama on the tract. Once she knew that I was serious, I reminded her to read the tract when she got a chance. After I had returned to the hotel, I went for a short walk to determine where the fish may be biting. There is an apartment complex across the street with a steady flow of smokers standing outside. A college campus is within walking distance. Both may prove to be a perfect fishing hole. I will pray about it and find out tomorrow.

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