Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 164- Lutheran Country

Citronella keeps away mosquitoes, birthdays repel a Jehovah's Witness, and cell phones confuse an evangelist. With all of the fun gadgets on a cell phone, I have no idea if I will be interrupting someone while attempting to share the gospel. I was sitting on a bench with my five and three year old. They were climbing on me like a jungle gym as I tried to assess what the guy next to me was doing on his phone. If he was texting I didn't want to bother him, but if he was playing a game I had no problem with disrupting his boredom. My kids didn't care one way or another. Both children were whispering in my ear to witness to him. I told Caden if he handed the man a tract then I would witness to him.

Me: Pardon me, sir. My son has something he would like for you to have. It is a gospel tract. Do you have a church background?

Man: I'm Lutheran.

Me: Really? I heard a rumor that this was Lutheran country. Is that true?

Man: Yes. I live in North Dakota, but I attend church in Minnesota. This is definitely Lutheran country.

Me: I spoke to a guy whose dad was a Lutheran Pastor. He grew up in the Lutheran church yet he did not know the gospel. Do you?

His face turned pale as it soon became obvious that he did not know as well. I interrupted the awkward silence to share with him the good news.

Me: I'm sorry that I put you on the spot. Jesus is the gospel. If we have even told one lie then we are deserving of eternity in hell. We will all stand before God guilty of breaking his laws, and if He simply forgave us and let us go to heaven He would be corrupt. However, He is not corrupt. God is just, but if we trust in Jesus we will be saved. He is the only one who has lived the perfect life that you and I cannot live. Turn from your sins and trust in Jesus before it is too late.

Man: I have always understood God as simply forgiving me.

Me: Does that work in a civil court?

Man: No.

Me: Someone has to pay your fine, and that is what Jesus did.

I would not say that he necessarily embraced the gospel, but I do know that he will return to North Dakota finally hearing the good news.

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