Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 170- God in the Clouds

There was a storm coming in when Mia, Alyssa, and I met a man named Tom. Tom was looking up at the clouds as if he was an amateur meteorologist. I asked Tom if it was going to rain and he proceeded to give us a lesson in weather. He pointed out various clouds and how their appearance indicated danger. I looked up at the sky and asked, "Do you think there is a god through those clouds?" He answered with an emphatic, "Definitely!" I then began to ask him various questions in regard to his religious beliefs. Tom then shared his views on the Day of Judgment, "Look, god, here is what I did. Here is the good and here is the bad." He then said, "I don't know if he puts everything on a scale or what? I don't know." I quickly informed Tom that I did know what was going to happen, and he and I both have failed to meet God's standard. I shared as much as I could before the rain began to come down. Tom and I shook hands and agreed to speak at a later date. He lives down the street. It's funny that discussing weather has always been interpreted as small talk. There was nothing small about this conversation.

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