Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 171- Friend or Foe

We loaded up the family today and took a train into downtown Chicago. As we were waiting on the train, I noticed a crowd beginning to form. I grabbed my tracts and watched the eyes of my kids light up. "Daddy, are you going to witness to someone?," they inquired. I looked at them with a smile and said, "No, you are. Here are some tracts to give out to the people. I will come with you." To my surprise, their enthusiasm did not deflate as we handed out several tracts. Once everyone had received a tract, we sat down and watched everyone read them. Later, a lady walked by wearing snakeskin boots, a cowboy hat, and tons of jewelry. She was so shiny that my children couldn't help but stare. She was returning their stare when I said, "Good morning. How are you?" She returned with a smirk, "I know what you are doing. You're trying to find out if I am a friend or foe." I rebutted, "No, I was wondering if you are a Christian." Her smirk disappeared as she commented, "I am, but I'm not one of those holy rollers." I asked her what she meant by "holy roller" and she exclaimed, "I'm not a fanatic!" Her tone indicated that she was not in the mood for further discussion. My kids asked me to go witness to her when she sat down. I politely told them that some people are not ready to hear the good news.

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