Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 172- Skate Park

Occasionally, I will walk by people wondering if I passed up a good opportunity. I did that today when I saw three skateboarders. I continued with what I was doing and twenty minutes later I saw the same skaters walking towards me. At this point I realized that this was an opportunity that I should not pass up.

Me: Hey guys, there is a lot of religious stores around here. Does that mean that everyone around here is religious?

Skaters: Pretty much. There is a major Christian college down the street.

Me: Does that mean that you guys are major Christian skateboarders?

Skater: I am, but they are not (pointing towards the other two).

Me: How do you live next to a major Christian university but not be major Christians?

Skaters: We hang out at skate parks.

Me: What's so bad about skate parks?

Skaters: There are no Christians!

Once they realized that I wanted to talk about Christianity, their slow strut turned into a hurried walk. If you felt let down by that encounter, join the club. Sometimes encounters will happen that seem so divinely inspired that you can almost assure that things will go well. Today I assumed that these guys were ready for the good news. It turns out that I was just supposed to tell them that bad company corrupts good character.

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