Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 173- No Promises

Do you remember last week when I was looking for fishing holes? One of the areas that I mentioned was a smoke hole at a nearby apartment complex. I remember walking by the area and finding a garage door wide open. Inside the garage was a man that looked very frustrated. He gave me a look that I interpreted as "go away" and I obeyed. A few days later, that same man was working on a motorcycle. We looked at each other once again and I remember thinking that I would witness to him when I had the chance. A few days ago, this man was stabbed to death. I didn't realize that it was him until I went to visit the smoke hole. I was aware that there was a recent stabbing so I used this tragic event to share the gospel with two men smoking cigarettes.

Me: Hey guys, did you hear that there was a recent stabbing in the area?

1: Yes, it was right here by this garage. It hurts even to talk about it.

2: I just got off the phone with his brother. I can't believe it.

Me: Do you guys think about death very much?

Man 1: Sure. I'm not suicidal, but I think about death.

Me: Every one of us can pass at any moment. We have no idea when we will take our last breath.

Man 2: Listen, I appreciate your time but we have to go.

Me: That's fine. Take one of these tracts and read it. It talks about life after death.

It's sad to think about where that man may be at this very moment if his trust was not in Jesus. It's a horrible thought imagining anyone in hell for eternity. Try looking at your next opportunity to share as if you were talking to a "dead man walking." Perhaps that boldness that you wished you had may soon manifest itself.

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