Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 174- Living Water

My kids create countless opportunities to share the gospel. At the library, a man asked how old my children were and we talked for a good hour. He was a Christian from Ethiopia completing a doctorate in theology. On my way home, my kids noticed a lady walking a newborn in a stroller. She noticed that my children were trying to get a peek at the cute little baby so she stopped for a brief visit. Immediately we noticed that she spoke very little English. Dana and I were able to find out her name as well as the baby's, but when I asked her if she attended a church she did not understand. She told us that she is from Burma (Myanmar). Burma is predominantly Buddhist so I asked if she practiced Buddhism. She immediately understood what I was asking and suddenly her accent went away for one brief word "cross." She was pointing at the necklace around Dana's neck. Today I was reading about the women at the well. After the Samaritan woman met Jesus, she never thirsted again. The look on this young lady's face tonight reminded me of someone who has had a drink of the living water. My prayer for her is the same that I prayed for myself today. I prayed that Jesus satisfies every bit of my soul where I may never attempt to drink from another fountain, and that my satisfaction in Christ surpasses every worldly desire.

The next time a waitress or flight attendant asks if you would like a drink say, "No, thank you. I had a drink ten years ago (I was saved in '99), and I haven't been thirsty since."

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