Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 182- Lover of Sin

My kids and I were playing at a park when I noticed a young man in his early twenties sitting down under a basketball goal. I asked my three year old if she would like to witness to him and together we prayed for an open heart. Trino had a cross tattooed on his forearm but he has never been to church. He told me that his deceased dad was very religious, which is why he wore a cross, but he has never been interested in spiritual things. To figure out if he had any understanding of the things of God, I asked "To you who is Jesus?" He looked at me with a grin and said, "Just a name. Not a person and not a religion." Trino was a blank slate who did not have a clue about the cross. Fortunately, he was willing to listen. I shared the gospel with Trino as he watched the kids play at the park. Toward the end of our conversation, Trino commented that he respects all religions but none are for him. I then asked, "What is the only thing that you can't do as a Christian compared to your current lifestyle?" He thought about the question, but could not find an answer. The answer is willfully sin. I told him that a Christian can fall into sin, but a nonbeliever will dive into sin. As he laughed at my answer I said, "Trino, my guess is that you love your sin more than you love God." He responded, "Maybe so." I then told Trino that he seems like a very nice guy and I would hate to see him condemned for eternity. I shared with him how I believe that God's Word is true, and I pleaded with him to seriously think about what we had discussed. We shook hands but he did not indicate that he would heed my advice.

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