Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 183- Are You a Christian?

I was at the public library today reading various "Christian" magazines. As usual, I was appalled by most of the articles. I grabbed the magazines and approached an elderly man reviewing a few DVD's.

Me: Sir, are you a Christian?

Mr. Kosuki: Yes.

Me: I was reading this Christian magazine and it said that the gospel is outdated. Do you believe that the gospel has expired?

This conversation starter was rather direct, but I was pleased with the outcome. Mr. Kosuki turned out to be a missionary from Japan. We talked about knowing the Word of God and the importance of standing for the truth. I also learned a lot about Japanese culture and their response to the gospel that transcends time and culture. Although I was looking for a nonbeliever, it was a real treat getting to know one of the Lord's servants.

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