Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 184- Empty Handed

While jogging today, I noticed that the train station was unusually packed with people. I began to pray that the Lord would give me boldness to preach the good news. I ran for a few more minutes and then returned to the train station. Sweating and out of breath, I asked an individual if he knew when the train was arriving. He told me that it was supposed to arrive ten minutes ago. Knowing that I didn't have a lot of time, I looked for a spot to stand where my voice would carry. Suddenly I noticed that the entire train station was populated with security. Well aware that they would have asked me to stop as soon as I got started, I began to look for a small group that might listen. I noticed a group of young black males standing in a circle with people giving them a considerable amount of space. While I was making my way toward them, I thought about all of the excuses why I should not witness to them. I didn't have any tracts, I wasn't dressed like everyone else, I was alone, and I had no idea how I would start the conversation. Before I managed to get discouraged, the Lord redirected my focus. I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me. I have the Word of God hidden in my heart, and I am not ashamed of the gospel. By God's grace I was able to start a conversation and attempt to share the good news. One of the guys was wearing a Michael Jackson shirt that read "RIP."

Me: Hey guys, I noticed your Michael Jackson shirt. Did his death surprise you?

Group: Do you mean because he was so young?

Me: Yes, that and the fact that it was so sudden.

Group: Oh yeah. I was shocked.

Me: Do you think that he was prepared to die?

The train arrived and I quickly told them that no one has a promise of tomorrow, and that it is essential to be prepared for the end. It wasn't the smoothest or most complete presentation that I have ever given, but this encounter reminded me of very important truths. Memorize God's word because you will always need it. Trust in His Spirit because He is strong when you are weak. Also, we should be a walking gospel tract. Our words, thoughts, and deeds should reflect the Holy Spirit living within us.

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