Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 185- Small Town Parade

When you look at this picture, who do you see? Do you see two cute little kids enjoying a parade, or the man next to them? The man next to my kids is Catholic, but he wouldn't give me his name. He also did not care to entertain a conversation. He did take a gospel tract. After I attempted to share with him, I began to reflect on why he was so reluctant to listen. My guess is that he has already heard and he was not in the mood for another drive-by gospel presentation. He lives in an area of town where there is a large evangelical presence. I am sure that his door has been knocked on multiple times by part-time evangelists. I also thought about the dirty work that goes into evangelism. Planting a seed is not that difficult for me, but plowing the ground and cultivating growth is hard work. I understand that the Holy Spirit is in control, but I must be willing to come alongside others and invest time into those who have yet to receive Christ. Maybe that's what needs to happen with this man. What if I knocked on his door more than once and made a commitment to serve? Setting roots in a community and serving the physical needs of others is something that has an extremely high cost. That may be why it is so difficult to do. My prayer today is that I am willing to come alongside others for the sake of the gospel. Not only do I need boldness to proclaim the good news with my lips, but I pray that He will grant me a heart of a servant that is willing to sacrifice time and finances for His glory.

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