Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 186- Grace for Gas

While getting gas, a man pulled up to the pump next to me. He was driving a minivan with a young child strapped into her car seat. I waited until he began getting gas before I struck up a conversation.

Me: I see your little one in the back, are you a family man?

Sergei: Yes, are you?

Me: Sure, I have three strapped in as we speak. Are you training your child in the way that she should go?

Sergei: I am (smiling).

Me: That was part of a Bible verse. Do you go to church?

Sergei: I do, and I recognized the verse.

Sergei is from the Ukraine, and he was more than willing to talk. Once we got our gas, we discussed the church in Russia and the importance of using our gifts that God has given each of us. Sergei was extremely friendly and a complete joy to be around. After several minutes had gone by, I soon realized that both of our families where waiting in the car. The Lord had given me boldness to start a conversation but I now needed that same boldness to get back into the car. As I returned to my seat, my gracious and loving wife was waiting with a sweet smile. God is so good!

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